Why Crate Training A Dog Is A Must for Anyone

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June 19, 2017
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September 29, 2017

When you’re not around you can’t stop your dog from roaming your home freely doing whatever he wants to do however crate training a dog can limit what he can get up to during the day while you’re out at work. So this means less damage to your home and less mess to clean up when you get home. Crate training a dog is a great way to help with the introduction of potty training for dogs and can really accelerate your puppy’s learning curve.

The perception by people is that crate training a dog is cruel and acts as a sort of a confinement for when the dog is in trouble. When you visit one of your friends and their dog is sat inside a crate you immediately feel sorry for the dog and although you don’t say anything to the owner you’re thinking how cruel they are.

I’ve heard of people falling out over this particular topic as one side thought the owners were punishing their dog and they decided that the use of crate training a dog was been inhumane. Little do they, or most people who think like this, know that the dog actually likes to be in the crate even when the door is shut. Dogs are, by nature, known as ‘Den Creatures’ and this means that they like small, dark confined areas. Which means when you’re crate train your dog you are actually helping them with their own natural instincts.

By crate training your dog in their new home offers a number of benefits to both the dog and the owner; firstly for the dog it gives him his very own ‘Den’ or safe haven where he can feel safe and secure and get out of the way of the busy family it lives with whenever it needs any ‘Me Time’ and for the owner it ensures that the dog can’t get up to any mischief when they’re not around. You should start crate training a dog from the very second he arrives at your house and keeps training him so that this is all he knows.

The main reason most people buy a crate for their dog is that they can’t physically supervise their dog every second of the day and when the dog is left alone they mess the house up. The other great benefit from crate training a dog is that you use the crate to help with toilet training them.

People also use them for puppy crate training, however, a little more supervision is required as a puppy hasn’t fully developed the awareness of owning its own territory yet, they just like to play… all day. When crate training puppies I would advise that you use the crate for shorter periods of time and you give your puppy plenty of opportunities to go outside to the toilet.

When deciding on what to buy when crate training a dog especially very large dogs you need to make sure that your dog can stand up fully inside, can turn fully around and lie down comfortably, with a puppy I’d recommend you think long term and buy a crate which will be big enough for when they are older. Ask your local pet shop or Vet on how big they think your dog is likely to grow and following the guide above buys a crate to match this size. Any one can start crate training a dog and you can at any time in the dog’s life, they’re never too old to learn.